Take Action! Education Bill SB926/HB549

Take Action! Education Bill SB926/HB549

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Legislators in Tallahassee promised to reduce the excessive testing that plagues Florida students but now they are stalling.  

The Senate passed a bipartisan education bill that will provide much needed relief for students and teachers. However, the House has NOT adopted the language that would:

  • Eliminate 4 state EOC’s: Geometry, Civics, US History and Algebra II state exams would be eliminated.
  • Substitute National Exams for the FSA:  Students who take and pass the SAT, ACT, AP, IB, or AICE would NOT have to take the FSA.
  • Improve Teacher Evaluations:  VAM (the teacher evaluation model) would be decided by school districts eliminating unneeded testing.
  • Allow paper pencil option for state tests for all grade levels.
  • Restore Teacher Autonomy: The word “uninterrupted” would be removed from the 90-minute reading block mandate.
  • Recess:  Will provide 20 minutes of daily unstructured play for elementary students.

Please call or email your Representative today and tell Tallahassee to keep their promise to reduce the over testing of our students and to give our students and teachers a much needed break!

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